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Add language in WordPress With qTranslate

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Its very simple plugin try it!!! .

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5 thoughts on “Add language in WordPress With qTranslate

  1. George Zaharakis

    Its very simple plugin try it!

  2. Mary La

    Hello, i’m having a problem with q translate, I have all ready install it
    months ago and now in each article I get this message:The qTranslate
    Editor has disabled itself because it hasn’t been tested with your
    Wordpress version yet. This is done to prevent WordPress from
    malfunctioning. You can reenable it by clicking here (may cause data loss!
    Use at own risk!). To remove this message permanently, please update
    qTranslate to the corresponding version.

    Yet I have download the corresponding version which is on my computer but I
    don’t now what to do next. can you help? 

  3. Keo Kimsong

    Hi, George Zaharakis could you tell about how to add more language into our
    site ? Example, I am Cambodian(Khmer) and when i installed this plugin
    (qTranslation) it doesn’t have Khmer Language. How to do that ? I am
    waiting for your response. Thanks!

  4. Melanie Schorer

    very useful, thanks!

  5. Daniel Golani

    Thank you!

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