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Beginner WordPress Tutorial (Step By Step) – 2013

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Beginner WordPress Tutorial (Step By Step) - 2013
Get Free Help: Here’s how to make a website using WordPress. This is for complete beginners, so you do not need to know anything about ma…

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13 thoughts on “Beginner WordPress Tutorial (Step By Step) – 2013


    Hello, my name is Andrey and I am want thank you for all video that you
    have done. They helped me a lot.

    I wondering if you can help. I am looking for plugin that can change
    language on my website. For example if you are russian you can choose
    russian version or if you speak english then you can choos english.

    Do you have any ideas how to do that?

  2. IamKoncept

    Great tutorial! You are an asset to my “YouTube University” learning and
    the best part is there are no student loans lol .. Needless to say.. I

  3. Shahram Abdi

    You are fantastic! Thank you very much

  4. Vishal Arora

    Tyler Moore, thanks for such a nice video, but i am getting a 404-error
    when i view my page, can u please figure out this problem for me, thanks in

  5. Sally Hoffman

    Will this be installing WP.Org or

  6. Nate Davis

    I wish I would have found you years ago great information

  7. lyslinger

    help it has been more than 24 hours website not active.

  8. roos jongstra

    thank you so much, I was asking for this information forever!

  9. Penny Stock Titan

    Why cant I find portfolio in the templates?

  10. FAROUJA Amel

    Please, I want to change the withe color of the box “I found the code” with
    firebug, but I can’t find it on the page on wordpress.
    div id=”single-page-content” class=”container sidebar-bg clearfix”>

    Thanks for your help.


    Thanks +Tyler Moore these videos have given me a motivation. Tonight I
    must start doing it myself. YES I CAN

  12. Precious Resch

    Hi Tyler, I would like to be able to have my website in two languages or at
    least the option to choose a language. Would I be able to do this with
    wordpress built site?

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