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Giveaway Contest! Software Harvests Social Media Login Emails

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Do you need to scrape or harvest email addresses from web pages? Wouldn’t it be great to have software that filters out the usual info@xyz.com and contactus@xyz.com email addresses? Wouldn’t it also be even better if that software would harvest email addresses that people use to log into there Social Media accounts? Yah, we thought so too! And that is exactly why Social List Buster was created To harvest Social Media login email account from web pages! Social List Buster is a powerful multi-faceted email scraper / harvester which can harvest Social Media login email addresses from webpages. It does […]

FREE Leads Software…Generate Unlimited Free Leads

by GenevieDuras
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Watch and see how we extract 1119 targeted email addresses from Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and msn, that will be used to promote business…and so can you! All these Leads are For FREE! Check it out! This will work for any business, and any search term.. We have huge amount of people requesting we bring our Free Leads Software back, and here you go! If you are serious about generating free leads for your business, please check out our other great software  

Are you tired of getting facebook notifications from all group posts?

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Our friend, Robert made a quick video for you about “Unwanted Facebook™ Notifications” to share with you. In this video, Robert will show you how easily stop the annoying Unwanted Facebook Notifications. We get these notifications from up on the top right corner and these Facebook Notifications are sort of like important messages or at the least, It is the purpose for Facebook to provide this Notifications section. Facebook Notifications are for when when you post a status update and someone comments on it or they like your status, facebook then notifies you of this activity to assist keeping you […]

Facebook’s New “See First” News Feed Preference

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We have tweeted over the past few days about how we believe Facebook is making some changes to their algorithm to give Facebook Pages more reach and then just a few days ago they released a new News Feed preference tool that will change how users manage their feed and can help Facebook Page owners increase their research tremendously. That new preference is called See First. See First allows users to bump any Person or Page to the top of their News Feed. These posts are literally seen first because they are the very first thing that will show on your News Feed. Add […]

How To Use WP Profit Builder to Create Awesome Landing Pages

by LesterDeVis
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How To Use WP Profit Builder to Create Awesome Landing Pages After watching this video visit the website above and find out how you can start making awesome looking landing pages with WP ProfitBuilder. You can do it in seconds and that means you will save a ton of money from outsourcing. If you haven’t watched the video yet, with WP ProfitBuilder I will show you how to make great looking landing pages and start marketing all by yourself. You can model after other landing pages or website to get the same look and feel. How Will Creating An Awesome […]
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