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How I Generate Free leads from these 8 Social Media sites

by MichaelM52
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Do you want to get more business through social media? Are you looking for new ways to generate leads? As marketers and business owners, you’re constantly looking for potential customers. Here are 8 Social Media Site That I use to Generate Free Leads into my business. Would you like to get paid for just posting ads on social media sites? I’ll show you just that Here is the information- My website- http://leverage-marketing.net/products/social-list-buster/  

How does Facebook decide what to show in my news feed? PDF

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  How does Facebook decide what to show in my news feed? PDF Facebook is secretly filtering my news feed? I’m outraged! Not so secretly, actually. There is controversy this week over the social network’s research project manipulating nearly 700,000 users’ news feeds to understand whether it could affect their emotions. But Facebook has been much more open about its general practice of filtering the status updates and page posts that you see in your feed when logging on from your various devices. In fact, it argues that these filters are essential. Essential? Why can’t Facebook just show me an […]

How To Remove Deactivated “Ghost” Profiles From Your Facebook Friends List

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How To Remove Deactivated “Ghost” Profiles From Your Facebook Friends List

is a web geek and founder of Digital Inspiration, a popular tech & how-to website since 2004. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.

How To Remove Deactivated (ghost) Profiles from your Facebook Friends List

Go to facebook.com/me/friends and note the number of friends that you have as calculated by Facebook. Now count the number of profiles listed on the page as that is actual number of friends you have on Facebook. The two numbers may not always match with each other.

Why would that happen?

The reason is simple. If you are friends with John Q Public on Facebook and he later decides to delete or deactivate his Facebook account, that “ghost” profile will still remain a part of your Facebook friends circle. You need to manually “unfriend” all these deactivated profiles for Facebook to reflect the correct friend count. unless You have an automated tool to do it for you such as Facebook Friend Director. Facebook Friend Director will help you to stop wasting time and get the most out of Facebook.

The other problem is…

How To Make & Use Facebook Friends Lists?

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Lori is a Mega Agent with a “7th level” team at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas. Lori has become known for her “Keeping it Real” style and approach to Social Media. What you see is what you get with Lori. Passion, Enthusiasm and Energy are what she’s about. Lori is an open book with her experiences, lead generation skills, and business building knowledge. She has no secrets and loves to educate, inspire, and train others. Her recent class include a fully packed house in Orlando with over 1000 attendees where she shared her Lead Generation methods. Now you can eliminate most […]

WP Profit Builder 2 – The Best Landing Page Builder?

by Philip31Xsqbb
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Check it out now: WP Profit Builder is a plugin for WordPress that basically makes it possible for you to build landing pages, squeeze pages and all kinds of other marketing pages (including membership funnels) for your website. You can use it within your own WordPress theme or you can…
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