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If I Click On Your Image, Will It Take Me To Your Offer?

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  When People Click On Your Image, Do They See Your Offer? People Click on Images To See The Offers! This Tool Was Created So You Can… Make Every Image You Post Clickable! Now You Can… Easily ReDirect ANY image from Facebook™, Twitter™, Google Plus™, Pinterest™ and Linkedin™ to ANY website you Wish! Robert Mercado’s goal was to create a SIMPLE Tool that allows you to create clickable images for multiple social networks at a price ANYONE can afford! Take People from your ad to your offer in a Straight Shot That’s what they’re expecting & it’s what they want! See What […]

Start With Fish!

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Some cool wordpress themes zip images: Start With Fish! Image by Boogies with Fish www.messersmith.name/wordpress/2010/01/01/start-with-fish/ Man, I can't believe that it's 2010 already. I just got used to writing year numbers beginning with "2". Now I have to retain my hand to leave out the "00" in the middle. What a bummer! I'll probably jump ahead and start writing 20010. Hey wasn't that a "thirties-something" TV series? No, wait, it's the ZIP code for Washington, DC. See, I'm aimlessly rambling already. I hope that that's not an omen. Anyway, let's start with things that are not  fish. This is not […]
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