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Create an INCREDIBLE WordPress Blog – 2013 (Beginner Friendly)

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Create an INCREDIBLE WordPress Blog - 2013 (Beginner Friendly)

Learn how to build an incredible, mobile friendly WordPress blog.

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13 thoughts on “Create an INCREDIBLE WordPress Blog – 2013 (Beginner Friendly)

  1. Carol Wallace

    This is so helpful. I am stuck on the widget Black Studio TinyMCE. It is
    installed but does not show up on the widget page. What can I do?

  2. Alaeddine Messadi

    thanks a good tutorial 

  3. youngminister1

    Thank you!!

  4. Tamara Pickens

    Thank you this was very helpful, i started my first blog in minutes!

  5. onoja emmanuel

    i commend your effort…thank you so much for this video…pls if i want to
    insert an mp3 player to my blog so that anybody can play music online with
    it…how am i gona do it?

  6. Curtis Cashen

    Great video thanks. I followed all your instructions and everything worked,
    but on the ad at the top of my blog the picture is cut off how can I
    resize that picture so the whole image can be viewed?

  7. Maria Vinagre

    Great Video, so clear, I have to really Thank you you are a good Teacher, I
    am trying to make a business Blog using my website, but I don’t know where
    to get the images to make an attractive blog. I like to use it for
    Affiliate Marketing, can you elaborate on that a little bit?Thanks so

  8. Anisha Malik

    I have a question. How do you fix the sequence of the feature images on the
    home page? There is one image that I definitely want first all of the time.
    BTW, I love this tutorial. You have helped me tremendously! Thanks again.

  9. Vaibhav Kumar Verma

    I want to start my blog. How many domains should I buy ? Should I go for
    hatchling plan or baby plan?

  10. Jennifer Stamm-Birk

    I need help! I do not have a plugins option to link my instagram/twitter
    account to my blog????!?!?!?!?! 

  11. Bob Chapman

    Easy to follow Word Press website…

  12. Devansh Arora

    This is the best WordPress tutorial 

  13. whitney hedrick

    life changing!!!! Thank you!!!

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