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Customize any WordPress Theme (Part 1) – Understanding style.css, header.php, footer.php

Customize any WordPress Theme (Part 1) – Understanding style.css, header.php, footer.php

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Customize any WordPress Theme (Part 1) - Understanding style.css, header.php, footer.php

Learn how to customize any WordPress theme by understanding the files that control the themes appearance and structure starting with 3 of the most important …

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How To Edit WordPress Theme CSS Styles

How To Edit WordPress Theme CSS Styles As a web developer, I frequently wrangle with c…

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  • Patrizio Romano Dell'Anna
    December 17, 2013

    Hi! Do you want to try our WP plugin? With this you can Live editing of any
    CSS property of each site element with a Visual, direct manipulation
    approach. Saves time spent on Photoshop and promotes extreme
    experimentation directly on the site and you can finally play with colors,
    fonts, backgrounds, etc and instantly see the result. Absolute easy like a
    point and click. 

  • Ben Tbr
    December 17, 2013

    Very helpfull, thank you !

  • John Holt
    December 17, 2013

    What happens when the theme is updated and you lose all your work. A child
    theme is the way to go.

  • Jaya Ramchandani
    December 17, 2013

    what happens if the style sheet i want to change is within another folder?
    it doesn’t appear in wordpress

  • Ilya Fadin
    December 17, 2013

    best of the best for beginners!

  • Aciscl1o
    December 17, 2013

    Awesome Video Man! Please, Pretty Please, keep doing them!

  • adamjg4
    December 17, 2013

    Working with WordPress Themes: Customizing style.css, header.php, and
    footer.php files. Clear and well explained lesson.****

  • Brenda Malone
    December 17, 2013

    You, sir, are an E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T master instructor. Your tone, patience
    and thoroughness are unparalleled. Thank you for presenting this
    information, you rock!

  • abo toot
    December 17, 2013

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for, thanks alot, your amazing… :)

  • Joseph Harris
    December 17, 2013

    thanks 4 upload we need more please sir more uploads

  • Kulet James
    December 17, 2013

    Hello Mike, Good video!
    I noticed this process done before, editing the css on the server. Why not
    just edit the style.css (or: header.php, footer.php) file from WordPress>

  • Flip N Fin
    December 17, 2013

    How you can customize wordpress if you already have a webiste in host gator
    ? i can ftp my website with dreamweaver

  • PepsiModding
    December 17, 2013

    you never said to install photoshop, wtf?

  • Rodrigo Costa
    December 17, 2013

    le’t give you a idea , just click in plugin menu in wp then add new plugin
    , search advanced code editor , instal and active , you will be have a
    editor with number , try that , and i hope help =)

  • igoyzigong
    December 17, 2013

    This the best tutorial so far. Great Job. Thank you.

  • WordOnWheels
    December 17, 2013

    this is untruth as the things described here are not in any theme,
    therefore impossible to follow because they don’t exist in other themes,
    title of video is a lie

  • yan zhao
    December 17, 2013

    very helpful thank you

  • Nick Taylor
    December 17, 2013

    Why do other people say to use a child theme? Just curious. 

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