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DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online

c505218304b50c59c3659f6dda43bae7–links11–>c505218304b50c59c3659f6dda43bae7–header0–> So you need to know how to do keyword research, get search engine optimization (SEO) page 1 search engines ranking and grow your company online right?And you also want to know the trick or secret of how to do keyword research for SEO? Why?Because you need to get visitors to come to your website!And you know that you can grow your business if you can get paying customers to your website!You’ve searched everywhere to find answers on how to do keyword research haven’t you? 

The BIG Question Is… Why?

What I mean is that just about everywhere you found online about how to do keyword research have pretty much all given you the same answer.They’re either advising you to use Google’s Keyword Planner or advising to use a keyword research tool that pulls the data from Keyword Planner aren’t they?And you used the Keyword Planner, but you’re still not ranking your website pages high on Google! 

So, There Must Be A Trick or Secret Right?

Well there is!

The Best Keyword Research Technique in SEO Does Have A Secret!The Best Keyword Research Technique in SEO secret is to STOP using Google’s Keyword Planner for SEO and… STOP using any other keyword tools that draw keywords from Google’s Keyword Planner to rank a website high on the search engines!After all, if doing keyword research with Google’s Keyword Planner was The Best Keyword Research Technique in SEO and those techniques were working, you wouldn’t be online still searching for answers on how to do keyword research now would you?

So I’m going to be Straight Forward and Point Blank here!

The reason is simple. Knowing how to do keyword research is the difference between success and failure online!Google’s Keyword Planner is for Adsense with Google. AdSense is PAID ADVERTISING.Keyword Planner is NOT for use with Search Engine Optimization and I’ll prove it further on in this post!

Keyword Planner does NOT provide users with keywords needed for SEO!

And the Data Metrics has NOTHING to do with Search Engine Optimization!

 Therefore Using Google’s Keyword Planner is NOT the best keyword research technique in SEO!Here… Let me give you an example before showing you the proof I mentioned!CPC / Cost-Per-Click is what everyone says to use in Google’s Keyword Planner to determine the value (Commercial Intent) of keywords.These so-called Gurus all teach that you should find the highest CPC you can that has the lowest competition Right?They tell you that the best keyword research technique in SEO is to drill deep and find Long Tail Keywords to get the best keywords that are easy to rank.And by doing this type of keyword research will give you the keywords to use for ranking website pages high on the search engines.Certainly there are more keyword research techniques that could be added to this Best Keyword Research Technique in SEO explanation, but the point is that all that information was ONLY derived from the Data Metrics for PAID ADVERTISING.Keyword Planner Does NOT Include Search Engine Optimization Keywords or the Value (Commercial Intent) of SEO Keywords.It may be the best keyword research technique for AdSense advertising, I won’t dispute that here, but it is certainly by far, NOT the Best Keyword Research Technique in SEO! 

Are you seeing it yet?

What is needed for SEO is the Organic (Natural) keywords and Data Metrics!

NOT Advertising Keywords and Advertising Data Metrics.AND the process should ONLY be used to determine website page titles and subpage titles. NOTHING ELSE!It is NOT to be used for Content Keyword ResearchA different keyword research tool should be used to find the keywords to use for web page Headlines and Content.The days of ranking for Broad Keywords such as Dog Training have been long gone since 1999.However a website can rank high on the search engines for those keywords if… Google has determined that the website has domain authority, the page headlines and the content keywords are relevant and the search popularity is frequent.

O.K. Time to prove it!

Below are a couple of examples of people giving advise on how to do keyword research by using Google’s Keyword Planner.We’ll use their own keywords and keyword phrases to see if they have a page 1 rank on Google. How’s that sound? Fair Enough?After all, if you’re going to teach about how to do keyword research for SEO, you should be ranking on page 1 of Google, Shouldn’t you?

There are 3 vital pieces of information, so pay close attention:

1- These posts all advise to use Google’s Keyword Planner for keyword research.2- Take a look at their headlines. The headlines are their keywords.People go to the search engines for information, so they type in their question.And Google’s #1 goal is to provide relevant answers to people’s questions.And… They NEED content to do it, your content!(We’ll show you how to do this in our next post, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.)3- None of them rank on page 1 for the short keyword and none of the long tail keywords have any real value (Commercial Intent). 

The whole purpose to be online is to make a way for people to find your business and to grow your business online.

In summary, What’s being taught about Keyword Research DOESN’T WORK! and The people teaching it Aren’t Making Any Real Money!
  • We Use The Best Keyword Research Tool To Find…
  • AND Map Our Clients Website’s Pages Keyword Structure

So Their Webpages Rank High On Google.

To Get Free Instant Access To This Keyword Research Tool Software Demonstration Click here!Or continue reading

Here’s The Proof!

Example 1Keyword: Keyword ResearchLong Tail Keyword: How To Do Keyword ResearchPost:How To Do Keyword ResearchKeyword research can be fun and doesn’t have to be complicated. The Google Keyword Planner tool is a great tool to use…Result 1: This Post Has No Listing for “Keyword Research” On Page 1 of Google!Result 2: This Post Has No Listing for “How To Do  Keyword Research” On Page 1 of Google!Result 3: The keyword “How To Do Keyword Research” has no real value (Commercial Intent)See It On Google For Yourself To Get Free Instant Access To This Keyword Research Tool Software Demonstration Click here!Or continue readingExample 2Keyword: Keyword Research TechniqueLong Tail Keyword: The Pro Guide To Profitable Keyword Research TechniquePost:keyword research technique The Pro Guide to Profitable Keyword Research Technique Thu, 15 Oct 2015 18:13:14 -0700 … the most crucial step of this profitable keyword research technique. Finding the best keywords is as important as content creation because any SEO campaign’s success depends heavily on your keyword…Read more …Result 1: This Post Has No Listing for “Keyword Research Technique” On Page 1 of Google!Result 2: The keyword “The Pro Guide To Profitable Keyword Research Technique” has no real value (Commercial Intent).See It On Google For YourselfSaying anything that that goes against the grain of what the majority of people teach is the most difficult message to deliver.Especially when it comes to which is The Best Keyword Research Technique in SEO.Disclaimer!Unless your website is like Wikipedia with a very high “Page Authority” ,you will have to change your mind about How To Do Keyword Research and Which is the Best Keyword research Tool.Otherwise if you follow what the masses say, your results will be just like theirs!Take it or leave it, that choice is up to you!I’ve given you the formula, so if you’re still in denial and need more proof, then follow the formula and keep researching on your own until your heart’s content.If you’re ready to STOP doing what DOESN’T WORK and START doing what DOES WORK, CLICK ON THIS LINK and get the keyword tool for SEO and begin making the changes necessary for Growing Your Business Online and position your business to be successful.Make The Change & Make Some Real Money and…Use The Best Keyword Research Technique in SEO!If after you get the keyword tool and you need some help, Contact Us to Schedule a Consultation.A Consultation will save you time, money and lots head aches.Consultations are well worth the price!Reminder:Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and get our next post emailed to you!One of our next posts will be about How To Do Keyword Research For Creating Content and What Is The best Keyword Research Tool To Use For Keyword Research Content Creation.

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