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Drag And Drop Visual Editor WordPress

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Drag And Drop Visual Editor WordPress

Plug N Edit provides the ability for your sites user's to create dynamic pages, profiles and portfolios. We then send the content back to your web site to be…

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6 thoughts on “Drag And Drop Visual Editor WordPress

  1. Tim Rollins

    HI I would like to know how to start with the theme that I have already
    chosen? Then add all the other content? Thanks

  2. James Richardson

    I work as a web developer and I recorded a series of video tutorials for
    wordpress. WordPress experts agree that this is the most extensive
    wordpress training ever. Period. go to my channel and find the link I have
    posted for this training course

  3. Echoman

    This is amazing will it work on buddypress aswell?

  4. John Brown

    Please send a detailed support question to the email address on plugnedit
    com’s home page.

  5. Ruben Malán

    It has a lot of potentials. A great tool, thank you. For now, I can say
    that I need more instructions. I will figured out eventually without them.
    I’d like to read a very detailed and specific list of instructions. The
    video goes too fast and has no aural explanations. I’m just a beginner, a
    novice…it will take hours or days to figure out how to use it safety and
    expeditiously. Thanks again.

  6. ViennaForever

    How do you not see the Forest for the Trees? How can it NOT OCCUR to you
    that the Video should START with the look of a PAGE as DISPLAYED to the
    public on a website FIRST. Show us the Finished Look First. THEN dive into
    the Admin Controls. Then, at the END show that Page as Finished output on a
    Website Again. Your video completely fails to entice me because the junk I
    see you doing doesn’t look like good design. You might have won me over if
    you had the sense to SHOW the rendered page.

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