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Free Targeted Leads – Get The Email Addresses of Local Business Owners

Free Leads 4 Life

Free Targeted Leads – Get The Email Addresses of Local Business Owners










Free Targeted Leads!

A little known desktop software for PC’s is the secret tool that gets you all the Real Social Media Login emails you could possibly want.

It scrapes the Google, Yahoo & MSN emails that business Owners Use to Log into Facebook, Reddit, Twitter Friendster, Badoo, Google Plus and five other Social Media Networks that you can see Here!

Please use this tool with responsibility!

If your just sending out any kind of offer to anyone, then this is NOT for you!

On the other hand, if you have a product or service and you know that the business owner that gets your email COULD be interested in your offer, by all means USE this software.

When you go online to get emails from websites and maybe you use scrapers or harvesters, the emails that you get are info, contact us ect,.

The business owner or other another person that makes the business decisions never sees your emails and if they do, they won’t read them because they are specifically looking at assisting there customers with sales and service.

But, when you send a legitimate offer to the business owners inbox, it will get read!

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