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Giveaway Contest! Software Harvests Social Media Login Emails

Giveaway Contest! Software Harvests Social Media Login Emails

c505218304b50c59c3659f6dda43bae7links6–>Do you need to scrape or harvest email addresses from web pages?

Wouldn’t it be great to have software that filters out the usual info@xyz.com and contactus@xyz.com email addresses?

Wouldn’t it also be even better if that software would harvest email addresses that people use to log into there Social Media accounts?


Yah, we thought so too!

And that is exactly why Social List Buster was created

To harvest Social Media login email account from web pages!

Social List Buster is a powerful multi-faceted email scraper / harvester which can harvest Social Media login email addresses from webpages.

It does this by searching through website pages listed on Google, Yahoo and more for 11 different Social Media login email address types. That’s right, Eleven different Social Media login email addresses including Linkedin and Facebook.

When harvesting, you can choose to scrape several different types of email addresses too. Such as Gmail, Yahoo and much more…

When exporting, you can easily save the harvested email addresses into Notepad as a .txt file or into a Spreadsheet as a .csv file.

Either way you choose, all that’s left to do is to upload your new email list into your autoresponder.

Is This Legal?

Good question!

Social List Buster is NOT a hacking tool and it does NOT in any way breach the security of any search engine or website.

It merely harvests published Social Media login email addresses. Therefore the email addresses Social List Buster harvests are publicly available  and they could be found manually with enough know-how and time to do all the research.

Because this software was built for it’s effectiveness and simplicity, Social List Buster is a 2 – Click system.

So you do not have to be a genius with computers or with the internet to harvest Social Media login email addresses.

You don’t even have to log into Google, Yahoo or any of the other search engines to use this awesome tool. Social List Buster does EVERYTHING for you automatically.

Oh Yah!

The Giveaway Contest!


We’re running a contest to Give Away Social List Buster to the WINNER!

What it comes down to is…

ɛռȶɛʀ ȶօ աɨռ!

Every day, you can like, comment and share the Giveaway Contest post on facebook.

Who ever Likes, Comments and shares the most by the time the contest ends will get a FREE licensed copy of Social List Buster.

Remember to like the Social List Buster fanpage


It’s that simple!

Good Luck to Everyone!

Or you can…

See the Social List Buster Here and watch the Video!


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  • Darrell Lloyd
    December 20, 2016

    Man this is crazy for organic leads!

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