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Google Hides Profitable Keywords Powerful Software Finds Hidden Keywords

Google Hides Profitable Keywords Powerful Software Finds Hidden Keywords


And there are ONLY 2 choices when researching for keywords


Learn how to do the keyword research yourself or pay a professional to investigate which keywords should be used to rank your website om the search engines and which keywords should be used for marketing your online business.

Using profitable keywords in the content you publish will ensure that your content is found and read by human visitors for a very long time.

When the Team at Leverage Marketing does keyword research, we search for supply and demand. The “Supply” is the number of competing websites or that are using the same keywords and the “Demand” the number of people who are using a particular keyword when “Searching” online.

We often hear the term “Competitive Keywords”.

These types of keywords generally have lots of people searching for them, but on the other hand there are also a lot of competing websites for those keywords as well.

The trick is to find the keywords that have a lot of unique searches each month and that have the least amount of competing websites.

The ability to do Keyword Research correctly will get your online business found by the people interested in buying your product(s).

If you find one of these golden nuggets, do not tell anyone, as you will be able to use it for yourself in many different ways.

When people talk about keywords, most people think of one keyword.  In fact it is very difficult to rank for a specific word.  Find a good keyword phrase of between three and five words to use.

Although much of the data is hidden and therefore unreliable, you can still try to do your keyword research for free by using Google’s Keyword Planner.

You will find many options that you can juggle around with there to give you some results.

If you want to find the demand you just type your chosen words in at the top of the page and the tool will throw out a whole bunch of similar phrases for you to look at with a graph showing the competition and a column showing just how many people are searching for this keyword each month.

To check out the competition, type the keyword phrase of your choice in inverted commas into one of the search engines. This will throw out the number of competing websites that are ranking for the same keyword phrase.

If you are writing content for a website, it is a good idea to have a main keyword phrase that can be very competitive and then some longer keyword phrases in the same niche that have less competition but still get searches.

By doing this you will rank for several different keywords within the same niche and your site will be more likely to be found.

Don’t leave money on the table, be sure to do your keyword research in order to make the most out of your written over the long term.

Keyword Research & Market Research Is At The Core Of All Good SEO

As previously stated, Google’s Keyword Planner Tool is unreliable and we haven’t used their tool for several years.

Google’s serves data that is both correct and misleading.



Google’s Keyword Planner was intended for online businesses using Google AdSense to use when researching keywords. They have continued to hide the BUYER KEYWORDS more and more throughout time while making huge profits from online businesses that chose NON-BUYER KEYWORDS to use for AdSense and in their website’s content.


To increase a website’s visibility with the search engines, the Leverage Marketing Team does a thorough Keyword Research and Market Analysis.

The Team at Leverage Marketing knows that Proper Keyword Research is the first and foremost element of the SEO process.

The Team at Leverage Marketing Also works with your existing knowledge and ours to fully understand your Target Market Landscape.

Throughout the years, our clients have consistently acquired page one rankings on the search engines and providing them with a return on investment (ROI) very quickly.

It’s common knowledge that to hire a Professional to perform a task will increase costs in any circumstance.

Whenever available we make every effort to give our clients options that are affordable that can meet within their budget.

With this option, you can save the costs of hiring a Professional and use the same Keyword Research & Market Analysis Software that the Team at Leverage Marketing uses To RANK Websites & Find BUYERS.

Like any software, there is a learning curve.

The creators of these very powerful Keyword Research & Market Analysis Software, in our opinion, have done a fantastic job making it as user friendly as possible.

The video tutorials in the members area eliminate any confusion. They are clear speaking, concise and very much to the point.

The feeling of accomplishment is great when there is proper training to help get the job done.

To learn more about this Keyword Research & Market Analysis Software, we have prepared a Special Keyword Research Video for Business Owners Just Like You!

Click Here To Watch The Keyword Research Video!

Whether you use these Keyword Research & Market Analysis Software or we do the Keyword Research for you, from an SEO perspective, the goal is the same.

The aim here is to build a list of potential SEO keywords to further analyze, document them, run additional searches on any newly discovered phrases and then identify the top keywords to target and then build a list of Buyer Keywords to Market the Website.

This level of keyword research represents the best opportunities to achieve success online.

To have a Professional perform your Keyword Research, Contact Us Today!

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