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Great Ideas That Can Be Done With Videos on Facebook! – Idea #1

Great Ideas That Can Be Done With Videos on Facebook! – Idea #1

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Great Idea #1 – Theming Your facebook Video Albums

We'll use Dogs as an example. Let's just say that you like to share videos about any of the following:

Cute Dogs, Great Dog Tricks, Funny Dogs, Heroic Dogs or even Your Dog and you like to share videos about them.

One of your Facebook Tabs says Video. Did you know that you can create a video album for each category.

We'll pick "Funny Dogs", Create a video album named "Funny Dogs"

Now each time you want to post a "Funny Dog" video, you can upload the video there.

Note that people are watching your posted videos pretty much for the same reason that you posted it and they probably would like to see more of them too!

If you could Redirect them to your video album with other "Funny Dog" videos, they would most certainly watch more of your other videos.

They even "LIKE", "COMMENT" or "SHARE" them too!

And… If you're posting other information on your Timeline or Fanpage like "How To Train A Dog To Do Something" or "6 Ways To Get Your Dog To Leave The Cat Alone" or anything else, people will follow you.

Maybe you don't have any information but, you know of a good book they can get that will help them do something with there Dog.

If You do this, every time you Post a video to Your Timeline or Fanpage, people will WANT to see the video You just Posted and Most of them will look at your Video Album(s) to see what other videos were Posred they might have missed.

The problem is that you don't know how to make the Video Redirect to Your Video Albums!

Did you know that there's an easy to use software that will Automatically Redirect People to Your Album or Anywhere for that matter?

It's called Video Auto Click!

Here's How Video Auto Click Works!

1). Add Your Own "Funny Dog" Video To YouTube or Find a "Funny Dog" YouTube Video That You Want To Share on Facebook.

2). Open Video Auto Click and paste in a little information about the video.

3). Make a Comment about the Video or Just Leave It Blank.

4). Paste in where you want you Video to Redirect To i.e., Your Timeline, Fanpage or Even Where They Can Get The Book. That's It.

Now after people watch your "Funny Dog" video, Video Auto Click will automatically open  Your Timeline, Fanpage or a place Where They Can Get The "6 Ways To Get Your Dog To Leave The Cat Alone" Book.

What a great way to Share Your Interests with Your Friends!

Imagine What You Could Do With Video Auto Click !

Click Here To Check Out Video Auto Click Today!


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