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Hide Left Sidebar Twenty Fourteen Theme – WordPress

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<object height=”355width=”425“><param name=”movie” value=”″ /> Learn how to easily hide the left sidebar of the WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme without any CSS–use the Fourteen Extended plugin ins…

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7 thoughts on “Hide Left Sidebar Twenty Fourteen Theme – WordPress

  1. Anna Georgina St.Clair

    I could not install the fourteen extended in mi PC. I could unload it but
    that´s all!

  2. Nancy Miller

    GREAT! Going to watch all your stuff…

  3. Markus Huber

    Hi, great video, thank you so much, one question though, I did everythig
    like in the video explained, but my head picture won’t be shown with full
    width. No matter what I adjust, there is always white space to the right.
    Couldn’t find any help on the web, do you know how to adjust that? (tried
    with a child theme, too)

  4. Shane Duffy

    Hey Mike, just wondering when you’re sticking up that tutorial on the
    twenty fourteen theme? good vid btw ;)

  5. Joshua Prentice

    Is there any way to hide the left sidebar just for the home page?

  6. Iaroslav Martynenko

    Thanks! This video really helps me with 20-14 theme+Mozilla, but this
    method does not work on Chrome( Are there any special tips for Chrome? UPD:
    started work after few minutes, thank you for a video!

  7. illuminati

    nice & relaxing introduction music and so useful presentation

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