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How To Add Google Adsense To WordPress 2012 – Video Tutorial

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Learn how to add google adsense to wordpress blog posts and pages. Th…
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13 thoughts on “How To Add Google Adsense To WordPress 2012 – Video Tutorial

  1. SH0D3

    I just told you that it appears on my blog. If it appears on my blog then
    it should appear on my website. And yes everything is verifies and
    activated correctly.

  2. Craig Smith

    Sounds like you’re using a free hosted wordpress()com blog, if that’s the
    case, then you’re not allowed to display any kind of Ads. You’ll need a self hosted wordpress
    blog to install Adsense.

  3. Karam Mahmoud

    Very good explained 

  4. makedaevilmage

    Thanks for the vid, don’t got my site up yet but will surely use this

  5. Jeadan Samson

    Question: If you is on free not premium that means, You
    cannot put google adsense on your page right?. 

  6. John Gernatt

    Great video! I’m just now getting my feet wet with respect to AdSense. And
    your video was extremely informative. You answered several questions that I
    had in mind related to the mechanics of how to install the ads. Once again
    thank you very much!

  7. joseph clough

    hey, thank you, this is very helpful! how long do you think it’ll take
    until ads will be displayed? and how long until you think i will start
    getting a bit of money?

  8. Dona Phyna

    How and where to get amazon and ebay ad code? Thanks

  9. lusean vanhorn

    graig the only feedback you will get off me is great tutorial

  10. Beth Boynton

    Extremely helpful, Craig. Thank you very much. Beth

  11. Dan Weese

    Is there no way of selecting a specific page to put your ad onto rather
    than the ad going on every page? I know you can tick cetain fields like the
    date the page was created or on/off the front page to disable the ad, but
    it could be sooo much easier I think. Did I miss something?? Other than
    that I thought it would work great for me.

  12. Craig Smith

    This plugin is called “*Ad Injection*”, works great for Adsense type

  13. Craig Smith

    Another video completed, but I really need to learn how to shorten these
    tutorials :)

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