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How to embed HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, CSS into WordPress

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Watch more at Other Computer Science subjects include Java, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, C++, and PHP, w…

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18 thoughts on “How to embed HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, CSS into WordPress

  1. Ricky Hurtado

    Use headphones and you’ll hear it clearly.

  2. heildachipman777

    Needs to be louder !!!!!!!!!

  3. bdemba16

    i’m a little bit hard of hearing but i am glad to see that others can’t
    hear it too. :)

  4. chomie3

    Thanks so much for the tutorial!For some reason, I was not aware of the
    default WordPress format. What kind of display were using? Is it a Cintiq?
    It seems cool. Can you please post the model name?

  5. Emily Brinnand

    too quiet

  6. chomie3

    When you make a better one, please send me the link. I look forward to your
    tutorial, I am so excited!

  7. Bryan Smith

    Thanks for the tutorial.

  8. napoit

    it’s SO quiet…

  9. Dave Koehn

    Great Stuff Really Appreciate the info!!!!

  10. Anton Fernando

    awesome vid brenton, thanks for sharing, i will move my antonfernando com
    to wp soon.

  11. tjhazukiv1

    Time to start bloggin.

  12. Ooi Nicholas

    This is a video teaching us how to create a WordPress blog and I find it
    quite interesting!!Have a look!!

  13. Lianna K. Bass

    Great plugin. Thanks!

  14. Promoagent

    Hi is this a plug in or something I cant find it on my wordpress dashboard
    or any where else? I am using latest wordpress

  15. Axel Krämer

    THX a lot. This really helps me with my first Homepage!

  16. Scott Weinstein

    Thank you so much! I have been searching for a solution and everyone said
    that you couldnt put javascript and html into wordpress. This worked. Its
    the plugin Html Snippets. Its amazing and works great!!! THANK YOU!

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