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How To Embed PDF in WordPress – Video Tutorial About A PDF Embed Viewer

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How to embed a PDF file into a wordpress post or page: It’s very eas… Video Rating: 5 / 5

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21 thoughts on “How To Embed PDF in WordPress – Video Tutorial About A PDF Embed Viewer

  1. Craig Smith

    Thanks for the comment, I’m glad helped.

  2. Projectneo

    Im having the same issue.

  3. idledreameress

    Hmmm. I installed the plugin, uploaded my PDF, copied the link and put
    [embed] [/embed] around it but it just displays as a big empty space.

  4. Craig Smith

    Glad it helped, thanks for the comment.

  5. CASSA

    Hi Craig, I want to embed a PDF into my website, but i don’t want users to
    download it. Is there a different plugin so i can do this ? Thanks in
    advance !

  6. Craig Smith

    Sadly you can only install plugins with self hosted WordPress sites. I take
    it you’re site is a free wordpress(dot)com site/blog?

  7. C Tillerjr

    Thanks this was very helpful!

  8. Catriona Oates

    good video – do you need to upgrade your wordpress account to get plugins?
    I can’t see an option for it in my dashboard

  9. TheJwarrior16

    man, I’m getting: “Sorry, we were unable to find the document at the
    original source. Verify that the document still exists. You can also try to
    download the original document by clicking HERE.” when I click HERE! the
    pdf is displayed, I dunno what to do, can you help me? there is a lot of
    people around that is getting the same error

  10. Danielle C

    Great! The captioning is hilarious.

  11. Michael Volkin

    Craig, excellent video thanks! My pdf is clickable though and when I use
    the embed code, it displays as non-clickable. Do you know how I can retain
    all the clickable components?

  12. laughinglane

    Super helpful…clear and exactly what I was looking for!

  13. Cuma Ozkan

    Thank you for the post. It is quite helpful. I am just wondering if there
    is way to make the size of the pdf box larger in the post without using
    zooming in. Thanks….

  14. lifelovecareer

    Thank you! I was having issues with google doc installer!

  15. Craig Smith

    Hi, I’m not sure if that’s possible as most of the plugins that allow you
    to embed PDF files into wordpress use the Google Doc viewer. I’ll have a
    quick look and post back if I find anything.

  16. Craig Smith

    That’s Google’s take on my accent.

  17. NBS2go

    Thank you Craig, this post was very helpful. When I embedded my pdf the
    quality is very poor on the website, do you have any ideas?

  18. Catriona Oates

    Hi – thanks for the reply. Yes it is a blog, but I’ve just worked out how
    to embed using scribd -better than nothing!

  19. Craig Smith

    This tutorial will show you how to embed a PDF file into
    a WordPress post/page, the first part covers adding to media library and
    linking to the PDF file within a post/page. Second part cover embedding a
    PDF directly in the post/page, allowing visitors to view the PDF file
    without leaving the post/page.

  20. Carly Darby

    Has anyone noticed that the plugin doesn’t work in Chrome?? It works 100%
    fine in Firefox, but not Chrome… has anyone found a fix for this?
    Otherwise, this post was extremely helpful, Craig!

  21. Craig Smith

    Very basic video on how to embed a PDF file into a WordPress post or page.

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