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How to make wordpress blog private

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How to make wordpress blog private

I show you how to make your wordpress blog private and also how to delete it.
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In this video I demonstrate how to close a WordPress blog to the public and make it available only to members who have a username and password created for th…

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12 thoughts on “How to make wordpress blog private

  1. Waldorfff

    Thanks for sharing! Really useful and concise tutorial! You get what you

  2. Jen Wright

    do you have to login to each blog separately to add content? *sorry meant
    for your other video on multiple blogs

  3. Vee Washington

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  4. 2JobsStillPoorUSA

    Does anyone happen to know how to customize the login page?

  5. Richard Dacker

    Handy tips and tools Kentuckyclassroom..must check out member plugins for
    myself..thanks for the heads up.

  6. Ethan Wilson

    Thank you very much, I’m was going to use Members like you did, but I found
    a list of 10 other free ones.

  7. DSPsNUMBER1fan

    where is the 2nd half of this video???

  8. Jack Flanders

    Good video. You kept saying “CVS” and I kept thinking, why is he talking
    about the pharmacy. lol

  9. frankstra

    Impressive tutorial, thank you. How did you manage to distribute the
    usernames and passwords to each user? By some sort of individualised mail?
    I have to reach 4000 collegues. Greetings, Frank

  10. getAMCI

    great video

  11. longmanai

    Thanks Rick!

  12. Cillian Gordon

    Thanks Rick!

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