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How to Modify Your WordPress Template

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Quick video showing how to modify your wordpress style.css with Firebug and the WordPress Editor.

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8 thoughts on “How to Modify Your WordPress Template

  1. Vivian Marino

    Do you always have to change permission status in the FTP for a WordPress
    modification to take effect? I was able to make a change in the CSS style
    sheet in my self-hosted WP blog by clicking on Update File. But I’m
    wondering now if the change was not permanent. (I can see if because I’m
    the administrator). I have the Coraline theme. I am relatively new to

  2. unucatine

    Just great,Thanks 4 sharing!!

  3. WP Themes

    Usually no, especially if you installed the theme via the Theme Installer
    in the WordPress backend.

  4. Kenneth Bryan Olan

    This is a great relief! :) Thank you very much dude :)

  5. NADmedia

    Awsome! Thanks man.

  6. Chang-Sung Shin

    what wordpress theme is this?

  7. Hanae Amaryllis

    Thanks it was helpful for me :)

  8. FAROUJA Amel

    Very helpful thanks for sharing

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