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How to Run PHP Code in WordPress

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Hello everyone, Larry Snow here with another quick tutorial on how to run PHP Code in a WordPress Page or Post. I was presented with a challenge to retrieve …
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13 thoughts on “How to Run PHP Code in WordPress

  1. philip canata

    the search box in right side what plugin did you use for that??? it can
    search text from the page only???

  2. Sohail Ahmed

    Thank you

  3. Martin Brault

    Nice tutorial! Was helpful, but still have a few questions.

  4. Den Mark Meralpis

    owryt! thanks!

  5. Larry Snow

    Hi Philip – got your other post, deleted it accidentally :( I see what you
    are asking now – I don’t think there is a search plugin to search the
    database, I’d try using the text plugin to set up a search box that when
    submitted would go to a page that has the sql query code to search the
    database and show the results. If you can’t do it as a text plugin, set up
    a separate page for the search box.

  6. philip canata

    i have a question sir do you know any search box plugin similar to web
    browser text finder found in (ctr+F) because if i display a long list of
    personal info from my database im gonna need a text search box in my web
    page without pressing ctr+F

  7. Jeff Lewis

    Great stuff thanks.

  8. DasBeatz

    Why are you using mysql and not myslqi?



  10. Saiful Islam

    Great Video

  11. TxCowboyDancer

    Bless you! I’ve been pulling my hair out for HOURS! trying to figure out
    what the heck was wrong! Whew! 

  12. Ryan Smith

    super cool thank you! :)

  13. Matt Testerman

    Thank you! Finally my php works! The other php widgets would not work

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