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How to Use RSS Feeds

How to Use RSS Feeds

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You may have seen the words RSS Feed many times on websites and blogs that you frequent, but exactly what is an RSS Feed? RSS refers to Really Simple Syndication which is actually a format that allows a publisher to get updated content on their website or blog with little effort.

Sometimes, RSS is also known as Rich Site Summary. Feed formats used in updating web content include news headlines, blog posts, audio clips and videos. RSS formats have been in existence since 1999 but its popularity soared during 2005 and 2006. Currently, there are many sites that offer a feed of their content through the RSS format.

Why use RSS?

No longer do you need to search for fresh content every day to provide information on your site.  RSS is a lot more convenient because it allows you to utilise other people's information and feed it directly onto your website or blog.  You no longer need to rush writing articles or hire article writers. Just search for relevant

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