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Install WordPress Plugins Without Ftp – Easy to Follow Steps

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Install WordPress Plugins Without Ftp - Easy to Follow Steps

Trying to fully grasp the entire process of how to add plugins using an ftp server can sometimes become a little complicated, since… – For Free WordPress Training, In some situations you won't be able to login to your wordpress dashboard, may be because of a…
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21 thoughts on “Install WordPress Plugins Without Ftp – Easy to Follow Steps

  1. Tarek Alaaddin

    Did you figure out, which plugin is causing the issue? are you 100%
    positive that the plugin that you are deactivating is causing the problem?

  2. ZoD

    life saver thank you Tarek

  3. Mithilesh Wachasunder

    Thanks A ton !!!!!!!!!!!! Its much better than those rubbish wp-forums; it
    worked perfectly;you really rock

  4. Bren Murphy

    agreed, much better that the wp-forums, as I knew what plugin was causing
    the problem – stay away from “Spammers Suck” Thank you!

  5. MrArjun4ever

    I would like to tell you that i have never ever commented on any video on
    youtube since i have my account… since you saved my website and my life i
    would like to thank you deeply.. you are the best!!! thanx again

  6. Nathalie Roy

    Oh thank you :) you saved me. Had to disable better WP security because I
    was locked out and it works!

  7. Tarek Alaaddin

    Thank you…And I am glad that I was able to help..

  8. emoneyavenue

    Thank you SO much for this! I just installed a plugin and when I wasn’t
    able to log in to my dashboard I was panicking a little! I just followed
    the instructions in this video and now all is well. Lesson learned? If
    possible, always test first before installing something on your main site!
    I shall definitely be more careful in future

  9. Julie P.

    Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!! Worked perfectly! :))))))))

  10. Tarek Alaaddin

    I am glad to hear that it helped you….All The Best to YOU :-) And thanks
    for posting..

  11. Tarek Alaaddin

    Awesome my friend… Glad that I can help :-)

  12. Carolyn Phillips

    Thanks, buddy. That did the trick! I’m baaaaaack! :-)

  13. Darren Bottams

    You’re a legend, thanks for such a simple and easy to follow solution. Took
    me from sheer panic to appreciating your time and effort. Thankyou

  14. Syed Balal Rumy

    thanks man

  15. By Famous

    Tarek – This Video is the best, straight forward and easy to understand and
    follow. +10 from me.

  16. Syed Balal Rumy

    Suppose we need to be disable all plugins so we need to be rename the
    plugins folder to plugin.temp ?

  17. Oz du Soleil

    I’m one more person who appreciates this video! I just updated several
    plugins and wasn’t able to log in afterward. The error message named the
    culprit and your video showed me how to disable it. Fortunately it’s not a
    plugin that I rely on.

    Thanks much!

  18. Achiox

    Great tutorial. As Sandu mentioned, it’s an old video but it solved the
    problem. I didn’t even have to download the plugin! Thank you Jackie!

  19. Wendell Bulbaai

    Great and easy explanation

  20. James Edington

    What do I do if the “Plugins” option is missing? I have the “appearance”
    and “user” menus, but “plugins” is nowhere to be seen.

  21. Adrian Bo

    James: i have the same problem :(

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