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Marketing Humor| Explained by: Groucho Marks – Laugh & Learn

Marketing Humor| Explained by: Groucho Marks – Laugh & Learn

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Two dollars on Sunup

Ayy boss, boss come here. ya wanna something hot?

Not now I just had lunch

anyhow, I don’t like an ice cream

Hey, come here, come here

I no sell ice cream, that’s a fake to fool the police

I sell it tips on the horses, I got something that they can’t lose one dollar

no some other time, I’m sorry, I’m betting on Sunup

some other time alright

okay two dollars on Sunup

Sunup is the worst horse on the track

I noticed he wins all the time

Alright, just because he comes in first

well I don’t want’em any better than first

two dollars on Sunup

a boss, boss come here, come here

suppose you bet on Sunup

what do you want to get a for your money 2 to 1.

One dollar and you remember me all your life

That’s the most nauseating proposition I ever had

Come on, come on, you look like a like a sport

Come on boss, don’t be afraid for one buck


What’s this?

That’s The horse

How’d he get  in here?

Get your ice cream, ice cream


I had that same horse when I had my eyes examined

Hey ice cream… What about this optical illusion you just slipped me, I don’t understand

Ah that’s not the real name of the horse, that’s the horse in code

Look in your code book

What do ya mean code?

ya look in the code book, that’ll tell ya what horse you have

Well, I haven’t got any code book

You don’t got a code book?

You know where I can get one?

However just by accident, I think I gotta one right here, here you are

How much is it?

It’s a free!

Oh thanks!

Just the one dollar printing charge

Well ahh, gimmee one without printing, I’m sick of printing

Ahh come on, you wanta win

Yes, sure, of course I wanna win!

Well then you gotta have a this

I wanna win but, I don’t want the savings of a lifetime wiped out in

a twinkling of an eye


Thank you very much… Ice cream

ZVBXRPL page 34

Hey Ice Cream, I can’t make head or tale outta this

That’s alright, look in the master code book, that will tell you where to look

Master code? I haven’t got any master code book

You don’t got a master code book?

No… do ya know where I can get one?

Well just by accident I think I got one right here, here you are

A lot quick accidents around here for a quiet neighborhood

Just a minute, is there a printing charge on this?

No.. Ohh thanks!

Just a two dollar delivery charge

What do ya mean, delivery charge? I’m standing right next to you

Well for such a short distance, I make it a dollar

Couldn’t I move over here and make it fifty-cents?

Yes, but I’d move over here and make it a dollar just the same

Say ahh, maybe i’d better open a charge account uhh?

You got some references?

Well the only I know around here is you!

Ahh that’s no good, you have to pay cash

You know a liitle while ago, I coulda put two dollars on Sunup and avoided all this

Oh ya… and throw your money away! Thank you very much!

Now I’m all set huh?

Ice cream, here’s your ice cream… tootsie footsie


The letter Z stands for J, unless the horse is a philly

Hey… tootsie footsie, is the horse a philly?

I don’t know, look in your breeder’s guide

What do ya mean… breeder’s guide, I haven’t got any breeder’s guide

You haven’t got breeder’s guide?

Shhh… not so loud, I don’t want it to get around that I haven’t got a breeder’s guide

Even my best friends don’t know I haven’t got a breeder’s guide

Well boss, I feel pretty sorry for you walking around without a breeder’s guide

Why you’re just throwing your money away, buying those other books without a breeder’s guide
where can I get one? As though I didn’t know?

One is no good, you gonna have to have the whole set

Hey… ya know all I wanted was a horse, public library!

How much is a set?

One dollar

One dollar?

Yah… four for five

Well alright, give me the four, there’s no use of me throwing away the money. This is all I’m buying, I didn’t want so much.. I thought you could do this quickly!

Six dollars on Sunup

Breeder’s guide

ZVBXRPL is Blains…

ahh Blains?

Some days the code is in the name of the jockey, instead of the name of the horse

Now you find out who Jockey Blains is riding and that’s the horse you bet on!

Ohh, I’m getting the idea but, I didn’t get it for a long time you know

It’s pretty tricky when you don’t know it isn’t it uhh…

It’s not that book!


It’s not that book!

It’s not… It’s not that book?

Oh, I see

Nooo… It’s not that book!


It’s not that book!

No… no… It’s not that book!

No, you haven’t got that book

You got it uhh…

I’ll get it in a minute though… won’t I?

Here’s Tootsie Frootsie…

I’m getting a fine Tootsie Frootsieing right here!

How much is it?

One dollar

It’s the last book I’m buying!

Sure… you don’t need no more

Here, here’s a ten dollar bill. Shoot the change will ya, I’m goin to the post

I gotta no change, I’m gonna have ta give ya nine more books, huh boss


You take a nine more books

Nine more?


Say, you don’t have any bookcases there do yah?

Well… you come tomorrow

I didn’t know that you needed so much from the uhh…

That’s alright! You gonna win on the horses today

I just walk up and bet on a horse

Ope… ope… ope…

Is there more shiny books down in there?

Close… close… close…

That’s it!

Good thing I brought my legs with me uhh?

Tell me… Which horse have I got? Hurry up would ya?

Insides a fella blowing his horn

Here it is… here

Jackie Burns 152… That’sa Rosie

Rosie yahh…

Look! 40 to 1

Ohhh, what a horse

Am I gonna give that bookie a whipping!

I was gonna bet on Sunup on 10 to 1 ha! ha!

Look… 40 to 1

I’ll show them a thing or two

Hey there big boy… two dollars on Rosie uhh!

Sorry… that race is over


I say the race is over

Over… Who won?


Sunup… That’sa my horse Sunup, Sunup

Hurry up Sunup

Goodbye boss

Geta your Tootsie Frootsie… Nice Ice cream

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