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Need To Find Leads in Real Estate? Here’s How One Agent In Raleigh Did Just That

c505218304b50c59c3659f6dda43bae7–links2–>c505218304b50c59c3659f6dda43bae7–shortcode0–>Ready To Get Started? :Who isn’t looking to get more leads in real estate?Ryan from, Raleigh Homes, walks us step-by-step what he does on his blog to generate real estate leads every single week.We look at things like blogging, social media, and most importantly giving to get.My favorite thing from this interview is how Ryan breaks down his past. He shares how he almost failed to generate profitable leads from online marketing. And how his real estate mentor finally helped him get over the hump.Now, he has a profitable online lead funnel that’s providing him with a stable source of business each and every week.We get the details out of Ryan in terms of how he was able to do this so quickly! He shares exactly what he does online. And how he follows up with leads. We also talk about the value of mentorship and how that can impact what you do on a daily basis.Listen to these tips and how he achieved success in a short period of time!

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