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Keyword research is the foundation for having a business online and making money with that business.

There are 2 essential keyword research methods that are an absolute necessity to Leverage Marketing success online.

Doing keyword research for a website is crucial if you want to leverage search engines such as Yahoo, Bong & Google to place or rank your website at the top of their list and that would be on page one.

The better the structure of the keywords according to relevance for page titles and page content, the better the website will rank.

The page title can be a broad title such as: “dog food” or “cat food” and if your business is about providing “dog food” or “cat food”, then that is what your pages should be titled.

The content of each of those pages should be more “targeted” with “targeted keywords” for leverage


Large Breed Dog Food, Medium Breed Dog Food and Small Breed Dog Food.

If that is what you are providing, you may not have much choice but to use those keywords and there will be plenty of competition for those keywords.

But if you’re not ABSOLUTELY stuck on those keywords; keyword research software will uncover other keywords that may not be as highly competitive.

Such as: Big Breed Puppy Dog Food, Medium Breed Puppy Dog Food and Small Breed Puppy Dog Food.

Then your content could start off with


Your Big Dog may still be a puppy and feeding your puppy dog food is overlooking nutritional values that your Big Puppy still needs while growing to be an adult dog.

You will be able to find or do keyword research to find the keywords that are right for your business and what the search engines want to see as being related or relevant.

But… The search engines aren’t going to just give them to you, that would level the playing field and search engines like Google (a for profit organization) is definitely NOT going to give you anything to leverage this type of keyword research with.

Below on the left is such a tool. It is a keyword research software developed by Abbas Ravji. Abbs figured out how to do keyword research to leverage websites and their content to rank on page one of Google out of disparity.

And because Abbs figured out the secrets to ranking website on page one, Abbs has become a very successful business owner. Abbas Ravji’s keyword research software provides business owners with the leverage of finding rankable keywords and the keyword analysis needed to design the keyword structure of a website that will leverage any business owners website on page one of Google and the other search engines too!

But keyword research does not stop there!

Now, after that keyword research is done, it’s time to leverage marketing and promotion efforts by finding the keywords that PEOPLE are using when searching for products and services they are wanting.


What is the best dog food for my puppy?, How to know when my puppy should be eating dog food? Or what dog food has the best nutritional value for my puppy?

And… Google is not going to give you these keyword either!

These are relevant buyer keywords which should be used for the “Marketing” or “Promotion” of a website.

These keywords should be used as leverage to write “external” pages


Articles, blog posts, YouTube video and even in the content of your social media postings.

When people are looking around the internet and searching for information and they see your


YouTube video about “How to know when my puppy should be eating dog food?” with a link from that video pointing directly to your “Small Breed Puppy Dog Food” page on your website.

The marketing keywords are relevant to the page content keywords which are relevant to the page keywords which are relevant to the website keywords.

This is how you leverage marketing keywords and make money online, it’s the big secret to keyword research and the success of your business.

And there’s a very special keyword research software to find those keywords

Below on the right is such a tool. It’s a keyword research software developed by Chris Hitman and Jane Williams. I like to call these two people “The Dynamic Duo”. Chris is quite the character, a good man and knows his stuff when it comes to marketing or promoting a business to make money online. Chris’s skills allow him to leverage the people looking for solutions to problems and connecting those people with people that have those Solutions.

On the other hand, Jane Williams is delightful. Jane is a blessing of a person to know. Jane is also a  wonderfully talented and gifted software developer. Chris and Jane are both accomplished business owners. Chris and Jane, together, leveraged their skills and talents to create an amazing keyword research software. This keyword research software provides the leverage that business owners need to market or promote their business online and make money. The keyword research software finds buyer keywords or keywords with commercial intent in a way that will be relevant to your website and leverage your business online in front of the people who are looking for solutions to problems!


When you design your on-page content structure for what Google wants…

Google will Rank Your Website!


When you design your off-page content for what people want…

People will find your website!


How To Find Keywords To Get On Page One Of Google Fast!

How To Find Buyer Keywords To Make Money Online!

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