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Producing Business Videos are Essential


Is Video Production Important?


  • Videos Make Impressions

  • Videos Express Benefits

  • Videos Clarify Features

  • Videos are Engaging


3 Types of Videos Every Business Should Produce


Corporate Branding

“People do business with businesses they know, like and trust”

Profiling your team with a video on your “About Us” website page lets visitors clients get to know you in a personal way. Even though the video should be focused on the business, just seeing the faces and hearing the voices of you and your employees instantly creates an emotional connection, and many business decisions are made emotionally, not logically.

Depending on your industry, the tone of the video can be lighthearted and humorous, somber but heartwarming, or it could be fast paced and edgy. Just as long as it’s not dry, your video will immediately establish that emotional connection.



Product Demonstration

Product Demonstration Videos showcase in detail  the benefits your customers are experiencing by doing business with you, it shows your prospects what it would be like to become your customer.

This type of video Demonstrates how your product or service works for the viewer.

Demonstration videos are great if what you’re selling is totally unique and needs explanation. If it’s a product, you’ll want to show it in use. If it’s a service, you may need drive home your point with illustrations and motion graphics.



Sales Presentation

Selling is Hard Work – Use Videos To Do The Job

Sales Presentation Videos  are paramount when it comes to extracting presentation flaws. It ads the flavor of visual into the equation, while stimulating another sence (Visual), eliminating the need for presentation books, brochures or any other collateral.

Remember the last time you gave a presentation to a prospect. To you remember that your main focus was on “not forgetting” something during the presentation. You forgot something anyways didn’t you? Did you stutter or lose your place? or How many times did you say “A, UN & AND”? Did you boast enough about your clients accomplishments beacause they used your company? Did you share any testimonials? Probably not. Even the smoothest salesperson doesn’t pitch perfectly every single time. Adding video to your sales presentation gives you that edge. With a pre-produced video, you can ensure your message gets across as flawlessly and succinctly as possible, time after time. Incorporating a video into your existing presentation with the dawnting effort.


Video Production Styles


Today’s technology has advanced much more than most of us could have ever anticipated. Software’s have been developed opening the doors to choose a style that fits yall of our business needs.

These styles have a vast range and are no-longer complicated to produce. Video production technology has taken what used to be very complicated and strenuous and removed all the hard work.

This allows the business owners to focus on what the content should be in the video, rather than how to produce the video.



When we create a video for any need, we use VideoMakerFX. VideoMakerFX can output ANY Style of Video with EASE.

  • Animated
  • Powerpoint
  • Character
  • Image

And Much More…

We created a page for you to see ALL the DIFFERENT STYLES of Videos that can be Made with this Software.

What A Great Tool To Have In Your Arsenol!

Peter, the developer of VideoMakerFX, creatively designed it for anyone to Make Stunning Videos for ANY Purpose.

Visit VideoMakerFX  on the next page and See the Pre-made Video Samples he has done for you.



Further, the VideoMakerFX includes the ability to create Sketch Videos, with are very poular today! Their popularity is based on the fact that they are entertaining.

What the Sketch Video do that other video DO NOT accomplish is generating a “Curiosity Factor”. How Did They Do That? and… That curiosity factor is like watching a fireplace burning logs or fish swimming in a tank!

We keep on watching them as almost we are in a trns (alpha) state of mind.

When in this state of mind, we are subjected to “Auto Suggestion”.

Currently using Sketch Videos are the best way to describe the benefits of what you are offering to your viewer. Although VideoMakerFX does a Great Job when making these Types of videos, you may currently have Video Making Software and are simply missing the ability to Make Sketch Videos.

If you already have Video Making Software and ONLY need to have the ability to Make Sketch Videos, then “Easy Sketch Pro” may suffice.

Easy Sketch Pro2

Click on Easy Sketch Pro and Get The Details!


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