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Profit Builder Example – How To Make A Squeeze Page

Profit Builder Example – How To Make A Squeeze Page


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Watch The Video HERE, Video Includes:

Profit Builder Squeeze Page Example

Profit Builder Landing Page Example

Support Group on Facebook:

And much.. much.. More!

In this tutorial video I show you how to quickly build an amazing looking squeeze page. Remember that squeeze pages are meant to be very, very simple and not too fancy. You do not want to direct people’s attention away from your primary goal – getting people to opt in to your list!

This is just one of the many templates available in the PB plugin. There is also an optional theme that comes free with your purchase.

If you have ever struggled to make money online with affiliate marketing, eCommerce, list building, client consulting, etc, it is either because of traffic or conversions. Am I wrong? Well this plugin takes care of the most difficult part – conversions!

Getting traffic just takes a bit of practice, but we have also included the very best SEO course on the planet called Source Phoenix!

With the PB plugin, you will be able to boost your conversions by well over 550%! This is exactly what has happened for me and my hundreds of affiliates sites.

I had a whole bunch of ugly affiliate sites that were getting traffic and just a handful of sales. Once I installed this cheap plugin, my affiliate income exploded by SEVEN times! This is because PB comes with affiliate review page templates too. It is so super easy to make amazing looking affiliate review pages. Whether it is for ClickBank products or Amazon products, there is a beautiful template available that is fully customizable and 100% optimized for SEO.

Of course you do not have to use it just for ClickBank and Amazon products. You can adapt it for any affiliate program you want. All you do is plug in your affiliate links!

Ever wanted to create a membership site? This does it too. How about a JV launch page? Need more webinar signups? This is the plugin for you. I will see you inside.

HUGE Profit Builder Discount (ACT FAST – 65% OFF!): Discount Link

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  • CK Fitzgerald
    December 10, 2015

    Thanks for the video…..I have the profit builder with 4 pages and I
    wanted to ‘test’ a new page.
    My page looks like this.
    Why ….?
    I also do not see any of what you did to cover the entire background with
    an image on the right side of my edit page.
    Can you help me to get this done. I keep hearing from everyone how easy
    this is to do…well I have not had that experience….Thank you for your

  • Thiemo X
    October 7, 2015

    Thanks, mate.

  • Style By Isa
    April 12, 2015

    Hey Jeroen, do you know how to delay the appearance of a button? Im
    referring to the “add to cart” button on a typical sales page…Thanks!

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