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Profit Builder review Landing Page WordPress Plugin Drag and Drop Website Builder

Profit Builder review Landing Page WordPress Plugin Drag and Drop Website Builder


WP Profit Builder:

WordPress Landing Page Example:

0:00 Intro to the landing page plugin for WP
0:35 What types of pages can you create?
1:13 Installing the plugin – from the beginning
3:11 The templates
6:28 Publishing for real-time updates
7:03 Sitewide logos, favicon, mobile icons, etc
7:31 The drag and drop editor interface
8:15 Loading and customizing the page templates
8:30 ClickBank product review site example
9:20 Header, footer, menus, breadcrumbs, etc
9:27 Homepage template – Stellar Theme
10:30 Customizing/formatting text fields
11:55 Adding new elements to existing blank fields
12:17 Adding entire rows with custom-width colums
12:38 Embedding videos very quickly and easily
13:15 Removing elements vs entire rows
13:55 Custom video formatting (remove controls, re-sizing etc)
14:52 Features that make your site pop!
15:56 Custom backgrounds with 3D parallax scrolling!
16:50 Gradient backgrounds
17:13 Buttons and call-to-action
19:00 Copy/paste & cloning elements or rows
20:00 Video background
22:00 Miscellaneous stuff

Now you have NO EXCUSE to take action and make money online! Affiliate marketing, eCommerce, list building, etc just became easy and fun again!

In this video, I show you exactly how to create a beautiful landing page from scratch using the Profit Builder WordPress landing page plugin. It provides a very simple to use drag and drop website builder.

Sean Donahoe’s Profit Builder allows you to very easily create all of the following plus more:
– squeeze pages
membership sites
– webinar opt-in pages
– JV launch pages!!

The simple drag and drop interface makes this one of Sean Donahoe’s best WordPress plugins yet. It makes creating landing pages so simple, it literally takes minutes.

The free training provided in the membership area will have you going in less than 30 minutes and you will have you first professional landing page up and running.

If you are an affiliate and tired of making ugly sites that take forever to make and never convert, this plugin is definitely for you! It makes it so quick and simple to make affiliate review pages that are super high converting, it will actually make affiliate marketing easy again!

Every wondered how those gurus made those beautiful looking webinar opt-in pages? Now you can start to sell to your audience via webinars for those big ticket items.

If you have a product idea and needed a membership portal website but thought it would just be too time consuming or expensive, now you can create a fully functioning membership site in under an hour!

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  • AutomationSEO
    May 13, 2015

    Guys please watch the tutorial videos in your member’s area before you ask
    me here :P If you still need help, I’ll do my best to help but I have not
    used every feature yet.

  • AutomationSEO
    May 13, 2015

    +Rodrigo Ribeiro de Abreu (Milano) the email integration is when you add
    the opt-in form. Click to edit the opt-in form and add the form code and
    form URL. There’s a tutorial video in your member’s area that explains
    every step. You literally just go into Mail Chimp, make a simple web form
    (doesn’t matter what it looks like) and then copy the HTML code (not the
    JavaScript). Watch the tutorial video in the member’s area.

  • Grzegorz Kazuń
    April 10, 2015

    How to change LOGO in profit builder, i want in my home page my Logo :) can
    you help me?

  • Let's Build WordPress
    February 23, 2015

    Good video!

  • Opunkt Rpunkt
    January 30, 2015

    Awesome review, thank you! I bought this Plugin because of your video – it
    simply convinced me that this is the right tool for me to use :-)

    Jeoren, sorry for this but I have one question:
    At minute 3:11 you simply install templates by clicking on “install”.
    However this is NOT working for me. The loader-circle is running but it
    never finishes the install… I am getting crazy, because I am trying for 2
    days now without success.
    On the left, there are also “Download” buttons for each template. I can
    download a template to my desktop and try to upload it via “Import
    Template”. But this obviously don’t work, too. System tells me that there
    is no template available.

    As you are a real professional, do you know where the imported templates
    are stored on the ftp? If i would know the destination of the imported
    templates, I may could upload them manually and hope this will work for

    Sorry again for asking you, but I have watched tons of review videos for
    Profit Builder. All of them just telling to install or download the
    template – but NO ONE is telling about what to do with the downloaded
    template… As you are one of the most reliable review producer, I hope for
    your professional knowledge and maybe I can start working with this great
    tool because of YOUR help!

    Thanks in advance for a quick comment. And thanks again for this review!

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