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Using a WordPress Blog in Your Website Design

Using a WordPress Blog in Your Website Design

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Some business owners start blogs to increase the amount of content on their website while others begin with a blog. To maximize the online impact and ability to make money with your website you need both static content (information that doesn't change much) and content that is updated regularly (news, specials, tips, etc). The updated content (blog) builds interest, traffic and authority, helping make you the one people trust. The static pages convert that interest and trust into sales.

For most companies, there is no need to have both a website and a blog, you can use the blogging software, WordPress, as both. WordPress uses 'pages' for your static content, (like the description of your business) and 'posts' for dynamic content and news. Pages can have pages and subpages, allowing you to create easy site navigation for your visitors. Categories and tags make it easy for your visitors to move around your site, finding the things they're most interested

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