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What Is A WordPress Mobile App?

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WP-Mobisoft is a WordPress Mobile Software that installs directly into the WordPress Dashboard as a Plugin.
WP-Mobisoft Creates a Mobile App (Application) for visitors on Your Website that are using Mobile Devices such as: iPads, iPhones, Tablets, Androids ect.,
  This Mobile APP ONLY loads the Pages the Website Owner has Selected. The APP then Creates a Mobile Version of a Website or Blog. It can also be used on Non-WordPress Websites.Website Owners can now select the Mobile APP Options of there choice, such as Click To Call, Appointment Scheduling, Hours of Operation, Menus or ANY Pages from a Website or Blog.Being a Native APP WP-Mobisoft is far superior then a Mobile Responsive Website.Having the WP-MobiSoft Mobile APP Eliminates all of the Maintenance and Hosting Expenses required when using Foreign Mobile Apps.Using Mobile Applications not Hosted within your Domain Name or Foreign APPS can cause a substantial Increase of the Website Bounce Rate Which Lowers Page Rank.By having WP-MobiSoft Website visitors using Mobile Devices stay on the Main Website Domain which Increases time on the Website and effectively increases Page Rank.   What is WP-MobiSoft? Learn More About WP-MobiSoft!

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