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What Is A WordPress Mobile App?

What Is A WordPress Mobile App?


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WP-Mobisoft is a WordPress Mobile Software that installs directly into the WordPress Dashboard as a Plugin.


WP-Mobisoft Creates a Mobile App (Application) for visitors on Your Website that are using Mobile Devices such as: iPads, iPhones, Tablets, Androids ect.,

This Mobile APP ONLY loads the Pages the Website Owner has Selected. The APP then Creates a Mobile Version of a Website or Blog. It can also be used on Non-WordPress Websites.

Website Owners can now select the Mobile APP Options of there choice, such as Click To Call, Appointment Scheduling, Hours of Operation, Menus or ANY Pages from a Website or Blog.

Being a Native APP WP-Mobisoft is far superior then a Mobile Responsive Website.

Having the WP-MobiSoft Mobile APP Eliminates all of the Maintenance and Hosting Expenses required when using Foreign Mobile Apps.

Using Mobile Applications not Hosted within your Domain Name or Foreign APPS can cause a substantial Increase of the Website Bounce Rate Which Lowers Page Rank.

By having WP-MobiSoft Website visitors using Mobile Devices stay on the Main Website Domain which Increases time on the Website and effectively increases Page Rank.
What is WP-MobiSoft? Learn More About WP-MobiSoft!

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