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WordPress Tutorial | Adding Posts to a Page and Adding Links (Blogroll)

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Here's a quick video going over some WordPress basics: adding a post to a category and then adding a link (formerly known as blogroll). In this video, we're …

Want a weekly bulletin/monthly newsletter available as links in the sidebar? All you need to do is enable the Links widget and add a link or two. After uploa…
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14 thoughts on “WordPress Tutorial | Adding Posts to a Page and Adding Links (Blogroll)

  1. SeroEdit

    ye i have broblems whit it to

  2. stephy4life999

    @anim4525 omg i have the same problem .. have u figured it out ? if so ,
    please help

  3. Melody Rafflesia

    very helpfull

  4. stephy4life999

    @ryanstefiuk hav u figured out how to add a post to a page ?

  5. Whateverasia .

    does anyone know how to link a post to a page without using the category
    method because when i use that i get this box and i don’t that. thanks

  6. SandmanMommy

    Dude you are awesome! Exactly what I needed

  7. Saralife197976

    Thank you sir for your video. I wanna know how to: 1. Add a specific post
    to a specific page? 2. how to remove default posts from a specific page?

  8. Danny Dam

    how to show post in specify page ?

  9. Bechara Hajj

    I learned how to create a post, but How should I post it on a specific page

  10. Des Chew

    agree with ryanstefiuk

  11. WordpressTutorial000

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    tutorials for wordpress users. It really is the most extensive wordpress
    video series ever. You can watch a sneak peek from this training on my

  12. justxwatchxme

    Thanks Bradley. Your sense of humor was fun too.

  13. mala kumudu

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    Roltan Ranking Platform, you will see how you can swim with the
    googlesharks, without being eaten alive.

  14. mskarz007

    wast of time super misleading

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