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35 thoughts on “WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 5 – Appearance Settings, Menus and Widgets

  1. gjones30

    This was an excellent video! I give kudos to folks like yourself who
    already have the knowledge but take the time to share that knowledge with
    others. Great work! I can’t wait to get started on building my own
    consulting website.

  2. coleen thomas

    I’ve found your video to be extremely helpful! Is there a way I can add a
    phone number banner to the top of each page including the home page?

  3. E Centimetres

    Hello fellow Northerner lol and thanks for this tutorial!

  4. jay lewis

    This is probably the best tutorial on wordpress that I have seen, much

  5. Pyroo0

    best tutorial ever

  6. Borislav Alexandrov

    If i use free theme and free wordpress blog i can’t install plugins right?
    Because i can’t see where is the plugins stuff..

  7. Carlos Rodriguez

    I should have watched this video before venturing on my own and wrestling
    with WP which I managed to do but it took me a lot longer and it was very
    painful. Thanks!

  8. Alexander Fodor

    Excellent tutorial! Many thanks.


    Thanks man, great video tutorial. Could you make some video about teacher’s
    website. For example students can booked time from techer time slot and
    teacher can have there profile about what they teach and there website
    address information. Thanks in advance 

  10. Bob Yavala

    Bro,this is an awesome tutorial..Thank you for your lovely heart in giving
    back to us without charge for this lesson..Live Long and Prosper..

  11. praveen kumar

    Thanku so much making this video…

  12. Aggraphics

    Great tut

    can you please tell me how to activate slider in theme, i’m using one theme
    but it doesn’t appear slider on home page!

  13. Candy MSP

    Can we make games and stuff?

  14. Jesse Springfield

    Great instruction. Nice pacing and very thorough. Hope to see more
    tutorials from you!

  15. Tagglive Vidzz

    can i buy a plugin to make this a e commerce site

  16. Moniroth Both

    Very good tutorial. 

  17. sarah fowzy

    Thank you so much for making this video!! This helped me a lot! great work!

  18. Celia Anderson

    Marty, you’re brilliant. I teach computer skills courses and have had a
    student ask me how to update a WordPress Webpage. I’m sorry to say, but I’d
    never used WordPress before ~ so had to do a quick study. I searched high
    and low, was pulling out my hair at some stage and bored to death at times.
    Then I came across yours and hey presto, all good now. He’s arriving
    tomorrow and thanks to you fantastic tutorial, I’m ready for him. You’re

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to add your tutorial to my ‘Tips and Tricks’
    page on my Computer Eaze webpage. Thanks again. 

  19. Rockin Atheist

    For some reason my system defaults to just one template – twenty fourteen.
    There appears to be no way to locate the template you recommend.

  20. Christiana MAX

    This the best tutorial i’ve seen on Youtube.Congrats & thank you!

  21. Ikleenup

    Can you provide a tutorial on how to create a forum on your website? This
    video was so awesome man!

  22. JonastyV

    Awesome tutorial! You really tell everything I have to know (in contrast to
    most tutorials ;) ) I only have a little question: does the customiz option
    only appear when you have this customizr theme? 

  23. Leonardo Lima de Vasconcellos

    thumbs up

  24. Crimson Fox

    is this the free version? wordpress com? No premium No pro? pls

  25. Sloyce

    Excellent Video Series. Doesn’t even deserve the 11 Dis-Likes. Crazy
    People. Thanks.

  26. Vikas Nalawade

    nice course, I am now able to play with wordpress and manage the inside

  27. Donna Fairhurst

    Hey Robert – are you aware of where your link takes you? When I click on
    the like to your desireadiffernce link under the MORE section, it doesn’t
    go to your site – it has some not so appropriate things on that site – am I
    the only one that has seen this? It is like adult stuff – just sharing
    since I think you might want to check it out.

  28. Matthew Milby

    Robert I also go to a wesley united methodist church, just curious but what
    state do you reside in? I’m sure there are many wesley united’s out there.

  29. isartart

    Thanks very much for doing this series. You’ve helped me immeasurably and I
    really appreciate it. :)

  30. AdamStevensBass

    Thanks a lot Robert!! these videos are incredible!

  31. Crimson Fox

    so are you telling me that its difference? can you create website like blog
    in org too?

  32. Marcus White

    Hi Robert, At what point do you know that you are ready to sell a theme. I
    don’t think there was a video for it, but I would like to know some
    information about theme completion (this includes set up, amount, etc.) and
    linking it to pay pal…etc.

  33. cheryl manley

    Dear Robert, I want to thank you so much! I love the way you about putting
    your video together,when your showing how to use wordpress. I have done
    much better with wordpress in putting my site together with you by side. I
    have done everything you have showen us! thank you!

  34. Robert Wimer

    I thought about deleting my mistake from the tutorial, but how would that
    help anyone else. I figured that everyone needed to see how I came to my
    conclusion and that EVERYONE has times where they miss something.

  35. Robert Wimer

    *sigh*….don’t spam my channel with your products.

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